Webinar Platforms: Choosing The Right One from Experience

Today's webinar platforms are designed to make your webinars easy to conduct and provide rich media training for your audience. There are five key webinar platforms, you should consider using if you're going to have success online with this method of marketing. These platforms can be customized to meet all of your webinar needs. Include a few of these components when choosing a platform.

webinar platforms


The most important thing you should look for in these webinar platforms is ease of use. Choose an interface that doesn't require a script or plug-in to install or run. Five effective webinar platforms to try include surveys, questionnaires, live chats, and ample room for Q & A. Webinars can also be recorded and uploaded in HD quality for later playback.


Custom branding features to maintain everything in-house. Encourage live conversations with participants during the webinar, even via the chat feature. When conducting live webinars, make sure that you have the best webinar software platforms at your disposal. Your webinar recordings will come to life as they are played back to those who are attending. A recording company will also be able to track conversions to see how much of a difference pricing has made.


Consider the pros and cons of webinar platforms when planning your next webinar marketing campaign. Evaluate whether or not the features offered will meet your needs. Look for pricing options that fit your budget as well. This will help you plan your webinar campaigns accordingly.


With so many webinar platforms out there, how do you choose the best one? There are several things you should consider. If your webinar events will be informative, then you will want to go with a webinar software that offers V.P. support, full-screen resolution, etc. if your events are more instructional or informative in nature. Demio, which recently raised over $80 million in Series D funding, is one of the latest webinar platforms on the market.


Demio offers a hosted video webinar platform where you can host the events, manage the registrations, send out emails to attendees, etc. It also includes a high end live chat function which makes it an excellent choice for businesses who conduct multiple events per month. Unlike most other platforms, Demio actually allows you to schedule separate polls on each page. Polls are extremely valuable because they allow you to get input from your customers in real time. Polls are also very easy to setup and use with the help of a single click.


If your webinar requires visitors to sign up via a form then Liveatively, which was recently acquired by Yahoo, will fit the bill. This webinar platform has integrated account enrollment into their platform. As with Demio, each survey is completely customizable and works off of a single screen. The analytics provided by Liveatively make it easy to monitor sign up rates and attendance. Liveatively also provides statistics on registration pages to help you learn which registration pages are most popular.


These are the three most popular webinar platforms currently on the market. Each platform offers something a bit different in the area of functionality while still providing the basic functionality needed to host successful webinars. These three have received tons of attention over the past year and it is safe to say that each will meet all of your needs. When deciding between Demio, Liveided and gotowebinar, consider which one gives you what you need in the area of functionality.


Polls are very important as well as customer surveys and feedback. If you are looking for a webinar room that offers an extensive amount of functionality in the areas of surveys, feedback and polls this may be the webinar platform for you. Webinars offer incredible opportunities to gain valuable information from participants. Surveys provide data that can be used in marketing efforts and feedback allows webinar organizers to better understand their audience and generate more engaging content.


Pricing is another big question. Many webinar organizers charge exorbitant prices for their services. While some do offer extremely cheap webinar rooms, they are usually limited in the types of functions they offer or they have poor support. There is no reason to pay exorbitant fees for a service that doesn't offer you much. It's important to compare pricing on a regular basis and to stay clear of the webinar organizers that only offer low cost for a lack of quality. You'll find that there are a number of less expensive platforms available but that the quality is not comparable.


Last but not least is to look for good analytics and integration tools. Integrations allow webinar creators and hosts to collect pertinent data and make smart decisions about their programming. Webinar platforms that integrate with social media and with email and data sources can offer up to date and detailed analytics which will keep you informed about your performance and your audiences' interests. Pricing starts to get really high at this point and should be carefully considered when choosing which platform to use.

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